Saturday, May 2, 2009

#1-when did i think i knew what i was talking about?

2.5 hours on the ferry go by quickly with a quick call to *best chum*,  a bulb catalogue and a gardening magazine.- gardening mag not so good... it recommends digging deep and turning soil over.... in my world- that's a big no no.  let those sleeping sub strata dogs lie. break up the soil 6 inches- with your shovel, remove the weeds add compost and poo.  it's kind of like a facial:  massage and moisturize..  mix the compost and manure into the broken soil

when exactly did i become a dirt bag? i thought that honor was given by the c.o.l.a boys so long ago. how did i get here? how are those cola boys anyway. i gave one the shirt off my back- well, actually the rain coat off my back during a rain storm... what was i thinking... and where the hell is that raincoat... i remember i really loved it

lesson #1 do not turn the soil over.

makes sense: the soil is like the skin. since when did we turn our skin inside out and leave the very tender and vulnerable unprotected?

cheers-( blue grouse Ortega 2006: two point three five stars)

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